What We Learned From Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne, who is also referred to as The Fitness Superhero’ and The Godfather of Modern Fitness’ passed away on January 23 of 2011 at the age of 96. His picture comes to mind whenever we think about fitness and exercises and health. He didn’t just run a fitness show, but he was doing his daily routine. He invented the modern fitness.

With the advancement in technology, there were machines which do our works for us and thus we got fatter, he saw it coming and wanted to do something about it. He launched a daily fitness show that lasted for 34 years. He opened a health club which was one of the first in the United States. At the time when people thought that vigorous exercises would be dangerous to health, he started to change that thought by several incredible feats of strength and stamina.

Now there are many fitness gurus who claim that they can help you to achieve weight loss, but then we realize that they are working for a particular brand pill. The fact is that pills and medicines won’t work the way they tell us. The best thing to attain weight loss and great physique like LaLanne is with workouts and healthy foods.

Fruits and Vegetables

LaLanne’s diet consisted of raw fruits and veggies, fishes
like salmon and egg whites. His choice is considered as a wise choice by many nutritionists and health experts. He adopted a Mediterranean eating style with legumes and vegetables, and fruits, which they say, helps in reducing the risk for heart diseases and many cancers. Eating these instead of meat and poultry will have many health benefits.


Nutritionists warn that juices won’t replace your fruits though it is an easy way to get some vitamins. The benefits of fiber include good digestion, improved blood sugar level management, and helps in weight loss.

Weightlifting is good

LaLanne faced a lot of criticism from doctors. They would say not to go to LaLanne’s that you will get hemorrhoids, and women will look like men. But he never minded them, he spurred a worldwide interest in weightlifting. He says that lifting less weight with higher reps is good for fitness. Gradually those doctors who criticized him once now started to agree on LaLanne’s theory is correct.


Your body can handle a lot more exercise than you think.

Even in his old ages, he works out two hours a day. He doesn’t do overtraining but ensures that he gets enough rest. All you need to do is to build up a tolerance to exercise. Then you will become a good exercise warrior like Jack. He had a very good physique and the secret to that is his training and exercises. He once did 1033 pushups in 23 minutes. He can do a thousand chin-ups in an hour. Swimming was also included in his daily routine.

He will be missed by several thousand. His motivations and fitness routines are still inspiring a lot out there. His beliefs were true. The real fitness mantra is to go back to those old times where we people worked hard, climbed stairs, walked small distances and cycled long distances. These techniques will get back your healthy and fit body and will help you live more.

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