What Is The Best Mattress For Back And Neck Pain

In today’s world everything survives upon digitization, so this not very much surprising that our markets are also becoming part of this trend. However as a potential consumer, not everyone is satisfied with this increasing online marketing trend.
For many of them seeing is believing so if they cannot touch the product in reality they cannot evaluate the quality, and they don’t buy the product no matter how good reviews they had gotten over shopping sites like Amazon sometimes even if they see the product in real it is hard to decide for them which one to buy because they don’t know their property.

Let’s take an example here of a simple product of everyday use, a mattress, even if you saw the product it is hard to differentiate from each other or maybe it is not, maybe you don’t really know that your mattress is the very reason for your aching back and if you don’t change it now it may be a different kind of problems like hip pain and it can also lead to back injury.

What type of mattress is best for back pain

casperDifferent kind of mattress from different brands can perform differently in relieving different back problems which include lower back pain, chronic back pain, neck pain etc. This can happen because you may not know which the right mattress for you. See, the mattress is designed in such a way that it can support your lower back and the alignment is made in such a way that one part of your body get low or high than the rest. So, the problem arose when the mattress becomes saggy from the middle as it becomes much more compressed than the other parts. So the mattress put the person’s back to an unnatural position, which can increase your back pain sufferings, this is usually happening with the side sleepers or stomach sleepers.

Second thing is comfort, it is the decided by how well can your mattress hold your body, if you are not comfortable enough that means that you are not getting full support for your body which can make the part of your body that is not getting enough support stressed, generally the lower lumbar is affected and it can give you many back problems.

There are many type of mattresses available in market under different brand names, which says that they are best mattress for back pain, that they can provide you instant relief, and that they  can provide you comfort for your back problems, they even show you consumer reports to prove their point  but now you can decide that yourself.

What to consider when buying a mattress for a bad back

Choosing the right mattress for back and neck pain is not a very easy job but here are few things to look for before buying one,

The First thing to look is firmness of the mattress, the firmness of the mattress decides the effectiveness of the mattress against your back pain.

Another thing the firmness of the mattress depends upon is the material of the mattress, they can be made of different materials and can be f different types like memory foam and latex, innerspring, futon, and it can be waterbed or air beds, or can be made by combing two materials like hybrid (memory foam / spring).  Different people may have different necessities regarding the mattress, someone may prefer medium firmness, and some wantsoft or firm mattress for their back pain.

The last thing that one should consider before purchasing the mattress is the sleeping position, the mattress which suits the stomach sleepers, may not be a good mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain. Back sleepers prefer medium to firm mattress, whereas side sleepers prefer medium to soft mattress and stomach sleepers prefer medium firmness.

Based on customer reviews here are the top five preferred mattress of all time:

LUCID 16 Inch Plus Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

1st layer is of bamboo charcoal memory foam and is 1 inch thick, this is removable and comes with soft outer cover, this is good for people with sensitive skin when you pull this up  you will find 3 inch layer of much softer and lighter memory foam, which gives you breathable comfort next layer is of natural latex which can provide necessary support to your body, for many it is like sleeping in the cloud as the mattress sinks once you sleep on it and the add on is this also provide warmth due to the insulating first layer.

Night Therapy Memory Foam 4 Inch Pressure Relief Mattress Topper

night terapy

This comes with an easy to remove cover and have a thickness of 4 inches, it is easy to handle as it inflates itself once it is removed from the package, also it can add a new char to any one’s mattress, another thing is that this mattress topper does not contain any foam on the top side, instead it have padded fill, so you won’t get hot while sleeping at it. The quality of the Mattress Topper is unbeatable, and it is very helpful in reliving the pressure on hip, but this is not good for a side sleeper but excellent if you are a back sleeper.

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Casper Mattress

It is of medium to firm firmness, so it provides correct support and does not make you sweat at night, it provides you comfort of a memory foam mattress with the cool surface of latex mattress, and being a firm mattress it can support your entire frame easily and help you relieve your back and neck pain, also it is very stable so once you sleep on it you will not end up rolling in the middle at the end of the night. It is good for a side sleeper, but if you are in love with softer mattress this mattress is not for you.

Resort Sleep Luxury Memory Foam Mattressresort sleep

This mattress is very good for the persons with problems in there pressure points, also this is a firm mattress but still very soft and comfortable to sleep, also it does not create pressure on back, neck , shoulders or hips. This comes in easy to handle package and is covered in thick covering, once you take it out it takes few hours to get its original shape and it is lightweight so it is very easy to move. The outer cover of mattress is a zipper cover and does not make you hot when you are sleeping on it.

Firm Conventional Polyurethane Foam Mattress by AmericanMade

This is very good for those who wants to fix the problem of their too- soft bed. Another thing is it is god for people with back problems especially for lower back pain sufferers, and hip and knee pain, it is a firm mattress and does not sink too much beneath you, it opened up without a crease and does not contain any odd smell, it contains the right thickness, not too thick or not too much thin you can use it easily on floor, but it lacks the insulating layer, so it won’t be good if you live in colder climate if you want a mattress that makes you warm at night.

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