Clean Your Berber Carpet

Ways to Clean Your Berber Carpet

Stained Carpet? Help yourself:

Many of us live off of our old traditions, mainly because it has become a habit, but most importantly the world is now slowly and gradually processing towards the old vintage days. One of the late Berber tribes situated in the North of Africa gave us a classical touch of their tradition, which encompasses almost every home now.

Even though we are going to help you understand how to clean the berber carpet. Berber carpets are very light colored tapestries that have a shade of dark colors here and there. For instance, shades of brown and black. Hence it is very easy to stain such carpets and simultaneously very difficult to clean them.

To make your cleaning feasible, read this article to get insights on how to clean the berber carpet. It contains some very useful tips making your read worthwhile.

Cleaning Methods 101:

There are several ways through which you can rinse off the stains and make your carpet clean and shiny again. The first method is quite simple and that is:

  • Vacuum cleaning:

Obviously vacuum cleaner used for berber carpets is when stains are minor and powder-based. You cannot use vacuum cleaners for cleaning spilled drinks or related marks. Hence, if you accidentally dropped some salt or your illuminator on your beautiful berber carpet, simply vacuum it off.

There is another very special way to get rid of stains that are hard and soggy off of your carpet, and that is using bleach.

  • With Bleach:

Bleach can be used for removing stains that are hard to get off with simple water or other stain removers. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are not to use bleach directly on your berber carpet because if you do end up doing so, it is going to spread the spatter even more.

Instead, what you can do is mix half a cup of bleach or a quarter of it (depending on how strong your stains are) in a gallon of water and prepare a solution out of it. Do not forget to cover your hands with gloves as bleaches always contain toxins and can irritate your skin.

You can either fill the solution in a spray bottle or clean the stains using a washcloth. It is better to let the bleach stay on the affected area for about twenty to thirty minutes or for an hour for even better results. Rinse it off afterward.

Another way to clean your hand-woven berber carpet is through steam-cleaning. This might just be the best way to clean not only your carpets but also those long dark drapes and even sofa covers.

  • Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning is a very easy method. Steam cleaners are readily available in the market and are not that expensive either. All you have to do is move your furniture so that cleaning becomes convenient. Then simply turn the machine on and remove the stains off of the carpet.

The steam contains warm water vapors, and in some, you can even add cleaning solutions. Go for the option that best suits you.


The above-mentioned solutions represent a proper way of cleaning your berber carpets to get rid of those stain problems. If this article was useful, try using the hacks we mentioned and make your life easier.

You can also clean your carpets through dry cleaning, using a lint brush or through fabric cleaning solutions. All these are readily available on the market.

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