How to Choose a Speaker System

You want to hear a good sound not only at concerts of your favorite groups, in cinemas, but also in your own home. Modern models of speakers provide such an opportunity – to organize a real home theater or listen to your favorite songs from a computer in high quality.

But as always, the question of choosing such equipment is acute. To begin with, you should be familiar with the main technical characteristics of modern speakers, which will be the starting point for selection.

Home. A variety of speakers, intended, as the name implies, for individual use in the home. Note that the characteristics of such models can be different – from the simplest bookshelf speakers to powerful multiband speakers designed for home theaters and high-quality audio systems.

Number of Channels

  • 1.0. Single channel (monophonic) audio system. “Alone” such speakers do not provide the feeling of spaciousness, but can be used as separate components for multichannel surround sound systems.
  • 2.0. Normal stereo: two speakers responsible for the left and right channel. It allows you to create a minimal illusion of “surround” sound by simulating the sound source displacement in the space in front of the listener.
  • 2.1. The system of two speakers, creating a minimal illusion of “surround” sound, and a subwoofer, providing a powerful and rich sound by adding low and ultra-low frequencies.
  • 3.0. The system of three speakers (central and two front). According to the statements of some manufacturers, such systems in small rooms can, with some tricks, reproduce full surround sound without rear speakers.
  • 5.0. A set of five speakers (two front, center and two rear), allowing you to play a full surround sound, which is subjectively perceived by the listener not only in front of, but also behind them.
  • 5.1. A set of five speakers and a subwoofer for low and ultra low frequencies, allowing you to play a full surround sound, which is subjectively perceived

The Number of Speakers

The number of individual speakers provided in each column. Do not confuse this parameter with the number of bands described below – several speakers can answer for one band; it is believed that this can improve some sound parameters, besides it allows to achieve high power with relatively small dimensions of the speaker. For the rest, the number of speakers is rather a reference than a practically significant indicator.

If there are speakers with a different number of speakers in the speaker set, the maximum value of this parameter is usually indicated (most often by the front speaker). In this case, passive radiators (if available, see “Design Features”) are not taken into account in the calculation.

Home Acoustics Systems: Direct Tips for Choosing

We figured out the main technical points of modern speakers. Now consider the choice of speaker system for specific purposes.

Speakers for home theater is advisable to buy in an already prepared room. If you want to make a really high-quality place in your house for viewing blockbusters, then it is better to take care of such parameters as sound insulation, the absence of bare walls, the correct layout of the room. Otherwise, even the most expensive acoustics will not give the required quality and fullness of sound.

When reviewing the main characteristics of modern speakers, we did not mention such a parameter – how many speakers are needed for the house. Many when viewing specific models of systems paid attention to the numbers 2.0, 2.1 or 5.1.

The first two or five is the number of the speakers themselves in the speaker set. The second shows the presence of a subwoofer. Accordingly, if there is one digit or two, the subwoofer is present or absent.

For home theater it is recommended to install speakers in at least version 5.1. The presence of five speakers will allow a good distribution of sound over the average area of ​​the room. A subwoofer is also an important aspect of any speaker for a home theater. With the help of a subwoofer, it will be possible to get a more spacious, more complete sound with low frequency recognition.

Speakers for the computer can be limited to models 2.0 or 2.1. But this is if you are satisfied with the usual sound without any frequency subtleties. For viewing videos on the Internet, chatting on Skype, listening to two or three songs periodically, even speakers 2.0 are enough.

Thus, home acoustics should be selected according to the most basic technical parameters, as well as taking into account the goals and conditions of its use.

Experience shows that you can come across such an amazing thing: several identical speakers (of different brands, with the same characteristics) may sound different. Still, subjective perception also plays an important role. But you should not forget about the main technical points. It is the technical parameters – the guide, who will orient in the purchase of the necessary speakers.

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